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Literacy is a vital part of your child's education as writing, speaking and listening are key skills in life. Your child will be given amazing opportunioties to develop these skills in school. However, it is also important that children are given the opportunities to develop these skills at home. Please do your best to always talk to your child at home and give them ample opportunities to write and read. Please try your best to complete any homework that is sent home in your child's reading file and to read the books your child has chosen to bring home from school.




At Stebonheath school, your child will be learning how to read and write through phonics. Phonics are the sounds that each letter of the alphabet makes and how we can blend them together to read and spell words e.g. c-a-t makes cat. In school, we will often use the jolly phonics songs in order to recognise and remember each letter of the alphabet. Please use the video linked below to help your child to learn these letters and songs when at home.

JOLLY SONGS A-Z Alphabet Song