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Y3/4 Phase - Mrs Rees, Mrs Beckett and Miss Morgans

Home Learning Grid 4 - Well done to everyone completing and submitting their activities for the previous Learning Grid. Here is the new one to begin on June 8th and will run until June 26th. You will need to complete and submit 2 activities each week for the next 3 weeks on Google Classroom. Remember to message or email your teacher if you need any help or advice. We look forward to seeing your completed activities.

Home Learning Grid 3. Please complete and submit 2 activities per week via 'Google Classroom'. If you haven't joined your 'Google Classroom' please email your teacher. This grid will run for three weeks starting from Monday 11th May. It's lovely to hear from you so keep the messages coming via email, Speakr or Google Classroom. Enjoy the activities!

Home Learning Grid 2 is below for those who want to use it. If you need any login details please email your class teacher, it would be lovely to hear from you! Children can also access their Speakr accounts by using the ling Enjoy!

Home Learning ideas for Year 3/4. Some ideas for families who would like to continue pupil's learning at home. These ideas are suggestions for activities linked to our topics that can be carried out with the support of family members. There are also many free resources being created online and websites such as Twinkl, TTS, Oxford Owl reading site, Topmarks maths and spelling. All pupils also have access to HWB accounts that provide a range of apps such as J2Blast, Microsoft Office, J2e5 etc.

Well done Kian for being AMAZING in school and winning the GOLDEN TICKET. Kian had a yummy Hot Chocolate with the Head Teacher.

Amelia has been AMAZING in school and won the GOLDEN TICKET. She also had a Hot Chocolate with the Head Teacher

Well done to Alfie for being AMAZING in school and winning the GOLDEN TICKET. He had a Hot Chocolate (yum yum!) with Mr Littler

Congratulations to Annaleise for winning the GOLDEN TICKET this week. She has been amazing in school and had a hot chocolate with Mr Littler, Head Teacher

Leah won the Golden Ticket this week for being AMAZING in school. She had a Hot Chocolate and a chat with Mr Littler, Head Teacher

Congratulations to Ryan for winning the Golden Ticket and having an AMAZING week in school.