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Y5/6 - Phase Mrs L Jones, Mrs Thompson, Ms Dickin

Home learning grid 5 - Starts on 29/06/20 and runs for 3 weeks. Please complete as many activities as possible. Get in touch if there are any problems! Thank you for all the lovely work we have received so far!

Home Learning Grid 4 begins on 08/06/20. There are 9 activities. Pupils need to do at least 2 activities per week over 3 weeks. All resources to go with the tasks can be found in Google Classroom. As always, do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher if there are any problems or questions. Diolch!

Home Learning Sheet 3 begins on Monday 11th May 2020. There are 9 activities in total - please complete at least 2 per week and submit them via Google Classroom (or e-mail if you are unable to access Google Classroom). This grid will run until 1st June 2020. Thank you!

Home Learning sheet 2 for those of you that want to use it. Please encourage all pupils to sign into their Google Classrooms for more help and to stay in touch. Children can also access their Speakr accounts by using this link - Thank you!

Home Learning ideas for Year 5/6. Some ideas for families who would like to continue pupil's learning at home. These ideas are suggestions for activities linked to our topics that can be carried out with the support of family members. There are also many free resources being created online on websites such as Twinkl, TTS, 'Oxford Owl' reading site, Topmarks Maths and Spelling. All pupils also have access to HWB accounts that provide a range of apps such as J2 Blast, Microsoft Office, J2e5 etc.

Congratulations to JOSEPH for being AMAZING in school and winning the GOLDEN TICKET and a lovely Hot Chocolate with the Head Teacher

CONGRATULATIONS to Ioan for winning the Golden Ticket and being AMAZING in school

Well done to Marianna for being AMAZING in school and winning the Golden Ticket

Congratulations to Rihanna for being the first Golden Ticket winner of 2020. Rihanna had a Hot Chocolate with Head Teacher, Mr Littler.

Congratulations to Finley for being AMAZING in school and winning the GOLDEN TICKET. Finley had a Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows with Mr Littler

Congratulations to Isabelle for being AMAZING in school. She had a Hot Chocolate with Mr Littler, Head Teacher on Friday.

Penclacwydd Trip

Congratulations to Madison for winning the Golden Ticket. She had a yummy Hot Chocolate with Mr Littler, Head Teacher today.

St Fagans Trip

Joshua has been AMAZING in school and won The Golden Ticket. He had a Hot Chocolate with Mr Littler, Head Teacher