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3. Humanities

The Humanities Area of Learning and Experience is all about asking questions about the human condition. As such, studying human experiences in the past and present, at local, national and global levels, will help learners answer those questions, encouraging them to contribute to their communities, imagine possible futures and benefit from a sense of belonging. Humanities encompasses geography, history, religious education, business studies and social studies.


These disciplines share many common themes, concepts and transferable skills, while also having their own body of knowledge and skills. Humanities will provide opportunities for all learners to learn about their heritage and sense of place through a study of their cynefin and of Wales.


It will promote an understanding of how the people of Wales, its communities, culture, landscape, resources and industries interrelate with the rest of the world. Promoting an understanding of the ethnic and cultural diversity within Wales will also help learners appreciate the extent to which it is part of a wider international community. Consequently, Humanities will help learners see how their personal story is part of a wider picture of the past and present.


In the Humanities Area of Learning and Experience, learners will enquire and investigate; evaluate diverse views of the world and form their own interpretations; engage with issues including sustainability and social change; and be invited to take social action in response to their learning. This will help develop learners’ resilience, build independence, and raise levels of self-confidence and self-esteem. Experiences in Humanities, both in and out of the classroom, will encourage learners to be ambitious and to solve problems confidently, while considering always the ethical implications of their choices.