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Since September 2008 all schools in Wales are encouraged to follow the skills framework – developing thinking skills, communication, ICT. We also use Literacy and Numeracy skills to lead the children through an active learning pathway at Stebonheath Primary School. Topics covered during each term are sent out to parents. The National Curriculum for English, Mathematics and Welsh 2nd language was reviewed in 2016 and a new Curriculum for Wales is being developed following the Donaldson report. 


Links to the New Wales Curriculum Guidance and Digital Competence Framework are below:

New Wales Curriculum Guidance

Educational Visits and Charges


The education we provide for children is free. We do not charge for any visits and activities that enrich the curriculum. However, when we (col 2) arrange educational visits to complement and enhance the curriculum in school we may ask for a voluntary contribution. These trips are an integral part of the work in school and are recommended for all children regardless of financial concerns. Any parent struggling to meet any costs should see the Head Teacher, Mr Littler.


The following is a list of additional activities organised by the school which require voluntary contributions from parents:


• visits to museums;

• sporting activities which require transport expenses;

• outdoor adventure activities;

• visits to the theatre;

• theatre/music groups in school

• musical events

• after school clubs that are run by paid coaches.


Residential Visits


During Year 6 children are offered the opportunity to go on a residential visit to the Pendine Outdoor Education Centre. This can develop children’s confidence and provide opportunities for curriculum enrichment. Year 6 children also have an annual overnight stay in London and will see a West End Show, take a River Cruise on the Thames and visit a museum or the Houses of Parliament.


We need permission to take your child out of school so consent slips will have to be signed and returned to school before any child can be taken on a visit. All educational visits are risk-assessed by the school. The risk assessments are available for parents to see.