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4. Language, Literacy & Communication

Speaking and listening skills are the key to social, emotional and intellectual development and are cross-curricular in nature. These skills enable children to share ideas, argue a point, learn from others and respect the contributions of others. Specific skills are needed in different situations. Opportunities to use these are offered in activities such as role play, drama, story-telling, group discussions, circle times and play-times, to name but a few. The skills needed to become a reader and a writer are taught on a daily basis. English is taught every day in school and Literacy skills are used in all other subject areas. However, pupils still need regular individual support from parents. To this end, the children take home a reading book which is selected from a range carefully chosen by the class teacher.


This year saw our first entry to the Wales “Book Slam” competition, and against all the odds we became Welsh Champions!


Our pupils are given the opportunity to learn Welsh as a second language. All lessons have a bilingual element: Staff aim to give instructions in both languages.


Children are encouraged to speak, read and write Welsh. Throughout each lesson teachers will speak in both languages although English is the main language spoken.


Children are given opportunities to develop and apply their knowledge and understanding of the cultural, environmental, historical and linguistic characteristics of Wales.